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Identify new areas of growth quickly using our livestat market analysis tool

Finding new prospects is a challenge, converting into qualified sales leads even more so. Buying databases of email contacts gives you volume, but no context and no information to write high quality targeted content for your marketing campaigns. As a result you cannot run segmented marketing campaigns that resonate better with potential new customers.

How we help
Play with our Livestat analysis tool to identify, select and analyze possible (sub-) segments of interest to run you campaigns. Subsequently you can feed the relevant software vendors into your campaign(s). With more information on the selected segment, the quality of content in your marketing messages will improve. ISVWorld calls this concept “Pre-qualified leads”. Start growing your ISV business today!

ISVWorld Business Development is for
Outsourcing companies
Offshore companies
Corporate Finance professionals
Software Vendors
System Integrators
Software resellers
Management Consultants
ISVWorld will..
Identify segments to develop your business
Identify companies to target in those segments
Improve the content of your lead generation campaigns
Find new distributors for your product
Find new products to distribute
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