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We don't like long Terms and Conditions either,

but please do read at least these 10 items.
  1. We do respect IP, we hope you respect IP as well
  2. Please be kind and fill out our 1-minute survey after a free previewtrial
  3. Always remember ISVWorld is computer generated, not curated by humans
  4. All downloadable graphs can be used for internal and external purposes as long as you mention ISVWorld as the source
  5. Any other (direct/indirect) commercialization of our data is prohibited unless explicitly approved by ISVWorld in writing
  6. All contracts are annually, any discount applied is for the 1st year subscription
  7. All renewals for the following year are in December, please cancel by November 1st otherwise renewals will be processed.
  8. Your email address is safe with us and we respect EU privacy policies. We will never use individual names on our customer lists, only company names.
  9. We only track IP-addresses for security purposes
  10. Never stop telling us how we can do better...please?