Market Researcher or Analyst

Market research and market analyses never really covered companies and products in “the long tail” — Through ISVWorld, we discovered that in some segments, the companies below the top leaders actually covered 90% of the solutions and the majority of innovations.

Present Customers with insight beyond the usual suspects: most innovation starts in the "Long tail" so segments should be covered end to end. Unfortunately, market researchers and market analysts have always had a hard time covering companies outside of this Top 50 or Top 100 of a certain segment or country.

How we help

ISVWorld is the most comprehensive database of software products and vendors globally; it is easy to browse and explore. Emerging technology products and companies are identified and added to our database 24/7. Present your customers with a better and broader market overview and more in-depth research today!

ISVWorld is for ...
Market research firms in software and IT
Market analysts
ISVWorld will ensure that ...
You capture emerging players.
Your research includes the entire market rather than only the top end.
You can present your customers a better and broader market overview.
You save time doing basic market research — we have already done it for you!
Every solution begins with a question...
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