CTO, CIO, IT Architect

Make informed build versus buy decisions — Before deciding, use ISVWorld to make sure you know all alternatives.

Build versus buy decisions and IT-procurement is becoming more complex with businesses expecting more and more from technology; IT must drive innovation, it should be a key differentiator or drive cost reductions. Expectations for CIO’s, CTO’s and IT architects to know, understand and deliver these ‘goodies’ are increasing in parallel. Unfortunately it is impossible to actually capture all current IT innovation.

How we help

ISVWorld helps you identify and compare all relevant alternatives and quickly narrow down to the right one. Already, it is the most comprehensive database of Software Products and Software vendors globally. Emerging technology products and companies are identified and added 24/7 to our database. Make better build versus buy decisions and present your (internal) customers the most innovative solutions available, today.

ISVWorld is for ...
Chief Technology Officers (CTOs)
Chief Information Officers (CIOs)
Enterprise IT Architects, IT Solution Architects, and IT Infrastructure Architects
Corporate IT strategy professionals
Innovation leaders
ISVWorld will ensure that ...
You can make better build versus buy decisions
Any IT ‘beauty contest’ includes all alternatives
You can present the most innovative solutions available to your internal customers
You save time doing basic market research — we have done it for you!
Every solution begins with a question...
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