Corporate Finance Professional

Deliver M&A advisory services with industry insight that exceeds expectations — Whether dealing with M&A, financing/debt advisory, strategic advice, or valuation questions, ISVWorld delivers market intelligence you can use!

Faster origination and higher quality M&A advisory services based on unique data. Most corporate finance assignments start with a strategic positioning of the customer’s business and/or an analysis of possible acquisition targets. Or, target companies for assets to be divested must be found. In-depth knowledge of all relevant players and instant access to key industry statistics and financial benchmarks is key to success.

How we help

ISVWorld is the most comprehensive database of software products and vendors globally. It is easy to browse and explore, ISVWorld provides consolidated market statistics as well as individual target company profiles and many financial benchmarks by software industry (sub-)segment.

ISVWorld is for ...
Corporate finance professionals
Merger and acquisition professionals
Legal professionals involved in financing or M&A transactions
Financial institutions providing equity capital and debt financing
ISVWorld will help you ...
Identify benchmarks for valuation questions
Define a roadmap of software acquisition targets
Identify potential strategic buyers
Compare valuations, growth, profit and P&L data by segment
Present in-depth segment know-how for every transaction
Identify competitive landscape by segment
Every solution begins with a question...
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