Cloud platform provider

With all software vendors involved in a move to Saas and the cloud, now is the time to develop that segment of your business

All ISVs (software vendors) will move to SaaS/cloud based solutions. Finding them is a challenge, converting into qualified sales leads even more so. Buying databases of email contacts gives you volume, but no context. Wouldn’t it be nice for example if you could select only ISVs with no cloud products in HR software, and use that input to write targeted content for your marketing campaigns?

How we help

ISVWorld is the largest database of software vendors globally. You can identify, select and analyze possible (sub-) segments of interest to run your campaigns. Subsequently you can feed the relevant software vendors into your campaign(s). With more information on the selected segment, the quality of content in your marketing messages will improve and your message will resonate better with potential new customers looking to select a platform for their new SaaS products. ISVWorld calls this concept “Pre-qualified leads”. Start growing your ISV business today!

ISVWorld is for..
Cloud platform providers
IaaS providers
Hosting companies
ISVWorld will..
Identify segments to develop your business
Identify companies to target in those segments
Improve the content of your lead generation campaigns
Every solution begins with a question...
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