Find and track innovation

Present your customers with more innovative solutions — With technology becoming a major component of any innovation challenge, keeping track of technology innovation is key to innovation success.

More and more enterprise challenges and consulting assignments related to innovation are in fact technology questions. The ability to present businesses with broader and deeper insight into emerging innovations is becoming a key to success.

How we help

ISVWorld is the most comprehensive database of software products and vendors globally and is easy to browse and explore. Emerging technology products and companies as well as their innovations are identified and added to our database 24/7. Present your customers with the most innovative solutions available today!

ISVWorld is for ...
Corporate Strategy groups and consultants
Chief Innovation Officers
Management Consulting firms
Boutique consulting firms
Independent Management Consultants
Interim Managers with a mission
Change Managers
ISVWorld will ensure that ...
Can present your customers the most innovative solutions available.
Are aware of the emerging innovations in your industry.
Have a way to research strategic growth questions that is more unique and effective than your competitors.
Save time doing basic market research—we have already done it for you!
Every solution begins with a question...
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