René van Erk,

René has over 20 years of experience in software and internet. He worked for eight years at Microsoft, mainly in Asia and the US. Prior to that he was part of the Open Systems Movement at OSF, later merged into The Open Group. More recently he lead all product development as well as M&A at Wolters Kluwer Europe. René is the founder of ISVWorld.

Amin Jalali,

Amin is in charge of our overall strategy, as well as the sales process at ISVWorld.
Amin holds a MSc degree in Business Innovation and a Bachelor in Business Information Systems from the University of London. Prior to ISVWorld he held various E-commerce and commercial positions in Kuala Lumpur, London and Hamburg.

Safa Aroua,

Safa is our Lead Front End Developer, responsible for the design, development and optimization of the ISVWorld websites. With a broad range of experience in Front End development and expertise in multiple technologies, she maintains our front end stack and ensures the best possible end user experience for our customers.

Sam Halligan,

Sam is our lead software engineer, responsible for developing the ISVWorld API, our web crawlers and everything else in between. His background is in computer science, with a B.Sc. degree from Dublin City University in Ireland. Prior to ISVWorld he worked as an engineer at various startups in Amsterdam.

Antoan Markov,

Antoan takes charge of our overall sales cycle, ensuring customers receive sufficient information, training and materials in order to help them make the most out of our market intelligence. In addition to this, he aids our inbound and outbound marketing activities. With a broad marketing and sales background, his experience spans across multiple disciplines such as graphic design, video editing and writing as well as lead generation and outbound sales. He has a degree in International Communication and Media from Erasmus University Rotterdam.

Stefan Hospes,

Stefan is responsible for the architecture of our Dashboard, the tool that manages all APIs, collects all content and converts it into industry intelligence. Stefan started with programming on his primary school and has never stopped programming since. He graduated in Gaming and Media Technology at the Utrecht University but also has a passion for search and information extraction technologies. Stefan is also the "brain" behind site2mobile

Robert Kreuzer,

Robert is our core-developer and builds our dashboard infrastructure with german "gruendlichkeit". He is an early Unix addict who subsequently earned degrees in Computing Science from Heidelberg and Utrecht University. Passionate about distributed systems and everything related to Web engineering, his thesis work focused on algorithms for semantically segmenting Web pages. In his free time he likes to do a variety of sports from judo over climbing to snowboarding.


Peter Boeren,

Peter works as a Drupal front-end developer. Not only does he make sure that the site just works, he is also responsible for the development and optimization of our Livestat industry statistics module as well as our Software industry financial benchmarks.

Raymond Muilwijk,

Raymond handles ISVWorld’s Drupal and SOLR infrastructure. Continuously improving the quality of the SOLR-based indexes and the filetsr and facets for the best end-user search experience are his main areas of focus.

About Trinoco

Trinoco is a Dutch company, which specialises in creating interactive websites with Drupal. Trinoco focusses on making content available on each device. Trinoco handles the web part of ISVWorld.

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About LanguageTools

Language-Tools is a spin-off from the Ludwig Maximilian University in Munich and specializes in algorithms for linguistics, semantic search and web-mining solutions. Language Tools was founded and is managed by professionals with a long history in the text mining and search arena that goes back to 1995.

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