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How ISVWorld works
  • We crawl the web

    Our technology searches software companies and products 24/7 and classifies them for you as well.

  • Instant access

    All data are published in an easy to browse and explore interface with many predefined facets and filters to choose from

  • Save time

    Software industry information available at your fingertips

  • About

2008: Staring at the sea in Ustica - a small island off...

.....the coast of Sicily - the idea for ISVWorld started. Our founder Rene van Erk was frustrated about the lack of global insight in the software industry, insights he needed to select product development priorities as well as M&A priorities. In addition he was (is) a fundamental believer in search technologies, language technologies, text analytics and many other “Big Data” type technologies. He decided to try to use those technologies to solve his problem.

2013: Many moons and euros later...

.. in early 2013, the first commercial beta of ISVWorld was launched and since then we have started signing up many corporate and blue chip customers at an incredible rate. While we will be in beta for some time to come, we are extremely thankful to our customers for proving that our idea is a commercial success

What is ISVWorld and how is ISVWorld different?

ISVWorld is the most comprehensive database of software products and vendors globally. Through our interface, you can finally find, track and compare all the software vendors you are interested in—especially those you didn’t know existed. Moreover, we produce market statistics and financial benchmarks on the software industry unlike any other product.

Since all our information is computer-generated, ISVWorld covers far more software vendors than would be possible using traditional (human/desktop) research methods. At the moment, there are over 119.055 vendors (and counting) live in our beta product. Of course it includes all well-known global software companies but more important are all smaller and innovative software vendors and their products.

What is the technology behind ISVWorld?

Thanks to our partnerships with leading research institutions in the areas of semantic technologies, language technologies and information extraction technologies combined with our own algorithms and industry knowledge, we have created a database of unparalleled depth and breadth around the software industry. Moreover, our technology continues to run 24/7 to provide you with the most comprehensive and up-to-date information available.


ISVWorld contains information of 119.055 software vendors (and counting) and their products from Albania to Zimbabwe.
Two of ISVWorld's team members
René van Erk, ISVWorld

René has over 20 years of experience in software and internet. He worked for eight years at Microsoft, mainly in Asia and the US. Prior to that he was part of the Open Systems Movement at OSF, later merged into The Open Group. More recently he...

Amin Jalali, ISVWorld

Amin is in charge of our overall strategy, as well as the sales process at ISVWorld.
Amin holds a MSc degree in Business Innovation and a Bachelor in Business Information Systems from the University of London. Prior to ISVWorld he held...

Safa Aroua, ISVWorld

Safa is our Lead Front End Developer, responsible for the design, development and optimization of the ISVWorld websites. With a broad range of experience in Front End development and expertise in multiple technologies, she maintains our front end...